Howto install the full width console on a Sony Vaio C1V(E/N)

    Install linux-2.4.17
    Apply patch vaio-20011222.diff
    Make menuconfig && compile
    Install kernel, add vga=0x301 (DO NOT append, just add this line ) in lilo.conf and run lilo


    My kernel configuration file.
    My XF86Config file.


    March 18 2001: LCD_POWER_MANAGEMENT works (Backlight on/off & Suspend mode).
    June 28 2001: Inserted into the 2.4.5-ac20 kernel tree.
    December 22 2001: Patch update because of end ac tree.

Additional info

    Full Width Console Pictures: Vaio_Images
    Howto contact me: Marcel Wijlaars
    You are number on this page!


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    Miscellanious C1VX info: Steve Barr's PicturBbook site.